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For clarification purposes, a single speed bicycle is that one which has only 1 gear that is fixed on the trunk. With this fixed gear means that you will need to paddle to have the bike moving. The lack of the parts makes the bike easy to keep and clean. Since it’s a simple bike without many parts and with only one gear, it’s normally light in weight, simple to keep, and repair. Such bikes are ideal for those who are commuters.
So how can you select the perfect single speed bike?
There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing such a bike. Below are some of the most important things to look out for:
Which is the best equipment?
Because it’s a 1 gear bike, it is a fundamental aspect to have the right one. For instance, if the equipment has a lot of resistance, then definitely you’ll have to stop at each steep landscape. On the other hand, if the bike has a small gear, you will need to constantly be turning the legs for yourself on the movement. Since the ration between the rear and front chaining is used to ascertain the equipment, commuters will find it perfect if they’re using a gear of approximately 65 – 7 inches. In terms of track cycles, they probably require a gear with larger inches. In fact, the equipment inches grow with the wideness of the tire.
And what about the bike’s size?
The majority of us have regretted purchasing a bicycle of the wrong size because they get uncomfortable when riding due to it being either too small or too large. To avoid this, make sure that you find the specifications of the bike. Better still is if you try it out, like a sample ride to see if it really fits you.
In regards to the wheels, the majority believe this is purely aesthetic.
If you pick a 30mm wheelset, it is thought of as the lightest and provides a perfect balance between rigidity and weight. It will be the ideal choice for people who commute.
On the other hand, wheels of 42mm (deep-v) rims weigh just a little bit more and are perfect for those looking to put some power to prevent flexing.
Lastly, the mag wheels are known to be the heaviest of all. People prefer it since it gives the bike an appealing loo, but when it comes to weight, it’s a drawback.
Handlebars: The actually are available in very many sizes and shapes. Here, it is the choice of one that can determine which is the best, though some bars are the ideal fit for specific applications.
Bearings: This is the component which basically runs the bicycle’s hubs, headset, and the bottom bracket. In the market, there are two types of bearings, which are:
The device is directly pushed into the hub/frame. Bikes with this bearing spin freely and smoothly than those with open bearings. Since they got rubber seals that protect the bearings, they are easily maintained as particles or elements do not get into the bearings.
Open bearings: it’s an open system of bearings supported with a cone and cone arrangement. Such a system requires a lot of maintenance in order for it to operate smoothly.
In summary when looking for a single speed bike:
When selecting the best single speed bicycles , the above things can be very helpful. Never rush in picking any bike due to its appearance. Such a mistake comes along with regrets. Now well the bike’s size, the type bearing it has, the wheel system, and most of all the sort of gear.
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