Fencing history

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The sport called fencing has been popular across the world since the Middle Ages in Europe. It’s remained popular on the east coast of america, probably because that’s where it originated in America. The University of Connecticut fence team is recognized throughout the nation among the best at the game. The CT fence team is pleased to continue the tradition that has lived through so many centuries. Since it’s existed for so long, there have been a number of types to form from many different areas of the planet.

Fencing was constantly around since metal and stone existed since people used these substances to fight each other. Fencing schools are documented in Europe from the 1100s. All these countries appear to have affected each other in regards to creating the art of fencing. Also, in this time it was just the wealthy who could take part in the sport since it was viewed as something only the wealthy could or had the ability to do. Fencing was practiced through a duel in which two guys would fight one another, usually to the death over a debt, nobility/honor, or a girl.

Schools began teaching students as a game, rather than training in the event the need to fight in a duel actually arose. After the fencing schools opened was when people who weren’t considered wealthy started to take part in the sport. This was the time when different kinds of fencing started to come about as different teachers and schools taught fencing distinct ways.

Today, fencing continues to be done with two people. There’s a certain”weapon” based on the sort of tournament or practicing one is performing. A whole lot of protection must be worn when participating in this game because severe injuries can occur. A mesh and fabric facemask is worn to protect mainly the eyes. Also, both women and men wear chest protection differently the tip of the weapon might sting. Gloves can also be worn not just to protect the hands, but to provide a much better grip on the weapon also. Lastly, special shoes are worn on the mats for security and for traction against the mat that’s placed on the floor. The outfit that’s worn is always white in colour.

Today, there are 3 different”swords” which may be used during a match, each with various abilities. The sort of fencing that’s practiced now comes from 1800s France, which got a number of the ideas from the Renaissance period in Italy. The sport surely doesn’t seem as though it is going to go away anytime soon.

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