Yourself As A Mom

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If you’re a mom, this is the day chosen for other people to show you honor for the many ways you pour love into the lives of your children, and those that you treat as your children. You do this in immeasurable ways, and in most instances without restrictions or limitations.
But what about you, mother? Regardless of whether it is Mother’s Day on the calendar or not, do you take time to appreciate and honor yourself in this same way?
You should!
Practicing love for yourself keeps you”full.” This permits you to efficiently have something worthy to pour in to your kids.
As a twin mom myself, I encourage you, Mom, to use the next three ways to love yourself:
Think about what YOU require. Maybe you’re the”Supermom” who’s ALWAYS going above and beyond for her children, possibly even over compensating with actions so her kid doesn’t somehow feel he or she is”missing out” if mother is not doing these activities. Although you may have great intentions and think this is what being a”good mother” is all about, the backbreaking effort might not be as necessary or as valued as you think. Rather than putting so much stress on yourself attempting to maintain unreasonably high expectations, consider building a mutual relationship with your child(ren). If you ask your child(ren) what they’d prefer, you may be surprised to find out that, more often than not, they really don’t care as much about a lot of those activities that you break your neck to make happen for them as they do about spending more quality time with you. They can see when you’re suffering, and believe me, Mother, they really don’t need to see you suffer. They want to support you too.
Have a “date” with YOUR chid. Making intentional time to spend with your child helps them view (not just hear) they are important to you. After all, aren’t we ultimately trying to communicate their importance to us through all our efforts? They already know that you are too busy; they see that. But what is all this busyness worth if your child(ren) do not know or believe that they are more important to you than your to-do list? And how much could your stress levels reduce with half of these activities removed from your calendar and replaced with particular dates for you and your child(ren) both to anticipate?
Take back control of YOUR program. I encourage you to intentionally add activities to your calendar that you actually look ahead. There’s a difference between juggling schedules around your family members’ events and planning around a period of comfort. The difference: there’s less stress and more fun for you in comfort! Take control back from all the other things that are trying to treat you, and schedule activities that benefit you. Take time for yourself. And, when you think of an idea just for yourself, don’t just put it on your calendar; reveal your loved ones so they, too, can HONOR it. Much like you would honor a doctor’s appointment, soccer game, dance recital, or math competition by moving things around to accommodate it, do the same for what you enjoy. Your family won’t only learn the value of mom having time for herself because you honor it, but they’ll also see the difference of a happy mom and a relaxed mom who has more to give to the family as a result.
Move from just being busy to consistently thinking about everything you need; intentionally enjoying the time you spend with your child(ren), and take back control over your time. Doing the things that you truly enjoy doing will keep you full and enable you to pour more pleasure and happiness into your family’s life, since you really have it on your own.

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